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CHAOTIC ORIGIN DUB Inc. (the "company") understands the importance of the protection of private information, the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" privacy policy has been observed, and we strive ensure our customers privacy protection.


We take all required actions to protect the privacy of our customers.
Information, including credit card numbers etc., that are highly confidential are obtained when you purchase goods at this site. We strive for protection of information by encrypting sensitive information.


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Handling of Personal Information

1.Third Party Offer & Commision

Our company does not provide third parties with the personal information acquired from customers except where consent is obtained, in advance.
However, a commission company may be provided with personal information for the purpose of limited use, such as DM, catalogs and shipping products, price settlement of accounts, and information email.
If a third party is used they will be confined to the above guidelines.
In the case where a proposal occurs with a legal organization etc., the purpose of protecting the rights of our company, and property, etc., it is not limited to this statement.

2.Personal Information Safety Control Measures

For prevention, such as disclosure of a visitor's personal information, our company takes physical and technically suitable measures to ensure safety control, and strive for protection.

Use of this site is the visitor's responsibility.
We do not take responsibility for any damage or negative outcome from visitors using the links to other websites, on this website. This site is under the management of our company. Although this site can be accessed from anywhere in the world, visitors using this site must acknowledge and agree that use of this site must be within the confines of Japanese law. All possible measures, as mentioned above, have been taken to protect a visitor's personal information and provide security but it is also the users responsibility to protect their information on their end. Please manage your personal and sensitive data accordingly.

Purpose of Personal Information

Our company uses the required personal information of our visitors for the following purposes.

  1. To manage our customers data.
  2. To receive payment for goods and to give dispatch information.
  3. Using this site's services such as point program, etc.
  4. Sending mail magazines with updated products and stock.
  5. For approved third party services, such as shipping contractors, etc.
  6. To form a contract that exercises our rights based on law, and the execution of our obligations.

Direct Mail

Information on services and goods which are considered to be useful to a customer may be sent by e-mail or mail from our company. If you do not want to receive this information please request to be removed from our mailing list.


Customers are provided service on this website under the assumption they agree to this privacy policy. Although it may be changed and revised for better service provision to a customer, it will be considered that the agreement is still in place. Please understand that it is the customers responsibility to review all terms of use and the privacy policy periodically.

Disclaimer Warning

Our company does not take any responsibility for the negative impact in regards to the information published on this site, any troubles which occur from using this site, or for any loss and damage resulting through use of this site. The prices of all the goods published on this site, the specifications, the sale times, etc. may be changed without a preliminary announcement. Our company may change the information on this site without a preliminary announcement. Also, please understand beforehand that management of this site may be restructured or stopped at any time. Our company does not take responsibility for damages regardless of a reason which arise by discontinuation, change of information or any changes as to the operational status of this website. Responsibility is not taken for any damages relating to the contents of any sites independently operated by others linked to this site.

Prohibited Activities

When using this site the following must not be done.

  1. Any act which infringes on property or privacy of a third party or our company, etc., or an act with the possibility of such.
  2. Any act which inflicts a disadvantage or damage on a third party or our company, or an act with the possibility of such.
  3. Any act contrary to good public order and customs, or an act with the possibility of such.
  4. Any act connected with a criminal act or a criminal act, or an act with the possibility of such.
  5. Any act which includes a false report, such as registering others' e-mail address's, and applications.
  6. Any activities aiming at profit, or the act of preparation to make profit through the use of this website or its material within.
  7. Any act that may damage the reputation of a third party or our company.
  8. Any act which uses or offers harmful programs, such as a computer virus, or an act with the possibility of such.
  9. Any act which breaks the law, a statute, or an ordinance, or an act with the possibility of such.
  10. Any act that projects our company as unsuitable or in a negative fashion.

Applicable Laws & Court Jurisdiction

All use of this site and conditions of service are applicable to the laws of Japan.
For all disputes in connection with use of this site, as long as there is no law that is otherwise special, let Tokyo District Court have exclusive jurisdiction and be the court of the first trial.