About leather products


A scissor case is an item that you use every day as a work tool. The degree of deterioration over time varies depending on the environment, such as the number of times of use, usage, care, and storage. Therefore, although this does not apply to all customers, we recommend that the leather scissor cases we produce should be replaced after 4 to 5 years (recommended period of 4 years for good use). increase.

About leather products

The main leather products produced by Chaotic Origin Dove use natural tanned leather, so there are some differences in the color finish due to the unique patterns of natural materials and lot production. Even in one piece of fabric, the expression and color are different, and there are parts with many patterns unique to natural materials, parts with few patterns, parts with dark colors, and parts with light colors. The color image may differ from the image posted on the online shop, but we ask for your understanding as this is a rare feature of natural leather.

What is Nume leather?

Natural leather tanned with vegetable tannins. At Chaotic Origin Dub, we mainly use tanned cow leather.

What is the unique pattern of natural materials?

Areas where animal-specific traces (pores, blood vessels, wrinkles, scratches, etc.) are clearly visible. its range.

Examples of traces of wrinkles and scratches

Examples of traces of scratches

Examples of traces of wrinkles and scratches

Examples of traces of scratches

Examples of shading caused by the penetration of tanning agents and dyes

cow leather

Scissor case in general, Florist case in general

The more you use it, the more it will become familiar and change to a tasteful color. It is very supple and stiff, durable and long-lasting.

Fabrics that have not undergone embossing or other processing have traces of cows (pores, blood vessels, wrinkles, sagging, scratches, insect bites, etc.) that appear as patterns peculiar to natural materials . You can enjoy aging as the dyeing and painting finish becomes lighter.

The surface of tanned leather with a transparent finish is very delicate. Color change occurs due to various influences such as sunlight, UV rays from LED light bulbs, fluorescent lights, incandescent light bulbs, friction, water droplets, and sudden temperature changes. In particular, light-colored tanned leather is prone to discoloration.

Cow Tanned Leather 2nd / L (Second L)

Model using cow soft leather 2nd / L Outlet products in general

We handle a range of fabrics with patterns unique to natural materials as 2nd/L materials.

Outlet products using cow soft leather 2nd / L

It is a product that makes the most of the range of fabrics that have patterns unique to natural materials . We use fabrics that are not normally used for products as much as possible. We reduce the loss of fabric and produce products at reasonable prices.

  • The design and functionality are the same as regular products.
  • There may be a difference in color between each part because it is mixed with stock leather of the same color.
  • There may be a difference in color between the main body and the attached belt because it may be combined with the belt stock of the same color.
  • The back surface of the leather (floor surface) may be a part where shades (differences in color appearing when tanning agents and dyes permeate) appear.
  • Belt B may have a leather seam inside the belt. There is no problem in using it.
  • As much as possible, the fabric with patterns unique to natural materials is produced on the back and inside of the main body, so at first glance, you may not be able to tell the difference from the normal product.
  • The posted image of the outlet product using cow soft leather 2nd / L is an example. The range of fabrics with patterns peculiar to natural materials and the difference in color of each part may differ slightly from the posted image. If you would like a simple confirmation image (image taken with an iPhone) of the purchased product, please contact us here .

cowhide nubuck

Cowhide nubuck model 120N

Short-pile, finely brushed leather with a smooth texture. Fabric thickness around 1.6 mm. It's thick and solid.