shopping benefits

Account registration privilege "5% OFF coupon" gift!

We will send you a 5% OFF coupon code that can be used immediately after registration in the "account registration confirmation" email sent when you registered your account.

To complete the registration <br>You will receive an automatic reply email after submitting your account registration details. Click the "Visit Shop" button in the email. Set the password at the shop and it will be completed.

Get an account Get a "15% OFF coupon" as a purchase privilege for customers who want to receive an e-mail magazine!

As a purchase privilege, we will present a 15% OFF coupon [for purchases of ¥5,000 (tax included) or more] that can be used from the next purchase. After shipping the product, we will send you the coupon code by email.

Get an account Get a "campaign coupon" for customers who want to receive e-mail magazines!

You can receive birthday coupons and campaign coupons by requesting to receive the e-mail magazine in the "confirmation of e-mail magazine reception" email sent at the same time as account registration.

To opt-in to receive our newsletter
Request to receive e-mail newsletterRequest to receive e-mail newsletter

Proceed to purchase from the cart page. Please click the "check box" that you wish to receive the mail magazine.

Customers of beauticians and barbers

You can use the sales service for salons by registering a stylist account.

About coupons

* To deliver various coupons, it is necessary to obtain an account and register to receive the e-mail magazine.
* Various coupons can be used up to once per person.
* Only one type of coupon can be used for one purchase. Please note that multiple coupons cannot be used.
* It may take about 2 weeks from the date of order to deliver the 15% OFF coupon.
*Customers who wish to receive a birthday coupon must register their date of birth when registering an account.
* If you register for an account in the month of your birthday and register to receive an e-mail magazine, it may take up to 2 weeks to receive your birthday coupon.

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